YouTube is planning to discontinue the community feature, because of not immense use, and many people had to face a problem with spam and abuse.  Community feature offers to add a subtitle to videos. Also, say instead of the community feature they focus on some other creator tool. As well as, YouTube said about an update, The feature would be removed on 28th September You can still use your own captions, automatic captions, and third-party tools and services,” YouTube said in an update on its help page.

But hard of hearing and deaf person say that besides the discontinue of community captions they seek to see the YouTube rectify the issues with volunteer-created captions because removing the Community feature it’s hard to accessibility to him. The  Deaf YouTuber Rikki Poynter said in response to his channel in May that community captions were an “accessibility tool that not only allowed deaf and hard of hearing people watch videos with captions, but allowed creators that could not afford to financially invest in captions.”

Many users are not happy with this decision on YouTube. They all tweeted on twitter and show their opinion about this decision. One user told, “It’s a shame that YouTube is taking away community-made subtitles. It is not financially or practically viable for me to have my videos subtitled in languages other than English I am afraid, I have relied on kind volunteers to do international language subs until now”

The UK journalist Liam O, Dell who 1st covering this news said a lot of creators in the deaf community say the community captions an old and poorly promoted YouTube tool, and in August officials made more difficult by the decision to approve the captions manually. Also, many users show heartburn that YouTube had not promoted advertise well and developed it prominent enough according to the user’s interface which they easily catch on.

According to YouTube email The verge on Friday which they said, YouTUbe offers creators who at least used the community in 3 videos in the past 60 days a free six-month subscription to subtitling service Amara. The Final creators who are eligible for this notify in a couple of weeks. Also, If the rest of the creators do not qualify a deal, they can still use the free subtitle editor in Amara’s tools.

Petitioner Emma Wolfe wrote, As of Friday morning, a petition calling on Google to change the decision has garnered greater than 49,000 signatures


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