Xiaomi has launched a variety of current TVs, starting with the highly successful 98-inch Redmi Smart TV Max and based on its flagship Mi TV grade sequence and the US $ 7,200 Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition. According to the different sources, the corporate should not stop there, however, and it plans to introduce two brand new models of new TVs.

Both the TVs were recently certified in China, with listings giving a good suggestion as to what to expect. From the official page, it can be deduced that on a diagonal measurement of 82 inches, 2 TVs can be completely large. The aforementioned 98-inch Redmi Smart TV is not big enough for Max, but bigger than all the current releases of Xiaomi.

Also, the listing shows that the 2 TVs will provide completely different resolutions. The two TV models are listed with the numbers “L82M6-8K” and “L82M6-4K”, possibly demonstrating that one could be an 8K TV whereas the opposite, cheaper, would only provide a 4K resolution.

In accordance with the source, digital chat stations, both TVs will use panels provided by LG Display. LG Display is widely considered to provide many of the best TV shows around the world, and this may not be the primary time Xiaomi sourced its panels from the South Korean company-brand new Mi TV Lux OLED Transparent Edition Have given. For example, he is accused of using the LGD panel.


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