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The new Apple Watch SE costs $80 more than the Series 3, but has more features.

The launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE, gives you more alternatives to rock on your wrist.

The Series 6 carries new features that includes the S6 processor and a sensor that can gauge your blood oxygen level. The Watch SE also pulls some components from the Series 3, Series 5 and Series 6 to give a new inexpensive version of the smart watch.

Apple did the same thing when it launched the iPhone SE earlier this year. It utilized the body of the iPhone 8 and the processor from the iPhone 11 Pro, but arrivedk with a $399 price tag. It’s the cheapest new iPhone you can buy.

If you are interested in saving cost, it will be tempting to get the Series 3. But the series 3 was launched three years ago and it is also possible that it will run out of WatchOS updates three years earlier than the Watch SE.

The Watch SE also carries a more powerful processor than Apple’s older smartwatch. The SE has an S5 processor which is twice as fast as the S3.

The newer processor is the reason why the SE is more suitable for 2020 and the future. An indication of this is that the Series 3 doesn’t support Apple’s new Family Setup plan that allows you to set up an Apple Watch for your child, with parental controls for messaging and location tracking.

The body and display is another indication. The Watch SE features a Retina display that’s 30% bigger than the Series 3. The SE comes in three colors, this includes silver, space gray and gold but the Series 3 is available in just silver and space gray.

The SE also has other features like fall detection and noise monitoring. It only comes in both cellular and noncellular models. But the Series 3 is only sold in a noncellular version. It is however possible that you will find the Series 3 cellular version through other retailers.

The SE features compass, an always-on altimeter (the Series 3 has an altimeter, the difference is that it is not always on), a second-generation optical sensor unlike the Series 3 which has a first-generation one and a W3 chip for binding accessories like AirPods. The Series 3 has a W2 chip.

Although the Apple SE is more expensive than the series 3. It has higher features that you might want to consider over that of the series 3.


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