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The WhatsApp messenger is generally known for its slow improvement, despite it’s popularity. The WhatsApp messenger’s main competitor Telegram is constantly achieving modern characteristics without forfeiting its initial lightness, while WhatsApp stays the same as it was five years ago.

The WhatsApp messenger application for Android will obtain some beneficial improvements. However, the beta version of the WhatsApp application has been updated to have new characteristics motivated by some other platforms.

Recently, users have discovered how the company designed the feature to automatically delete old media content, which was followed by an updated call page for business accounts.

This week, the company has added a option to “mute notifications forever”.

They also remodeled the UI for the media menus in build v2.20.201.10 for Androids. The WABetaInfo website reported this recently.

The previous version of the WhatsApp messenger’s “mute” setting had a limited time of one year, but the company has recently added the “Forever” option to the latest beta version.

The company also added a new user interface for the storage usage menu. This improvement was made to allow the latest beta version show more information than before. A handy graph will be displayed at the top of this page, showing the usage information. There is an opportunity to clean unnecessary files below.

Whatsapp will soon launch the multiple device support.
The messenger WhatsApp company will soon launch the awaited features anticipated by many users. The company plans to improve the features allowing users to simultaneously work from multiple devices with one account.

According to WABetaInfo, the process is already in the last stage of improvement. The next step is for the WhatsApp team to launch an open beta test. The company then proposed that anyone waiting to try out the new characteristics make sure they use the beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

The latest improvement by the company is the capacity of one WhatsApp account to work on four devices at the same time.

WhatsApp users have anticipated for real multi-device assistance since the launch of the WhatsApp messenger in 2009. Devices are not allowed to be Synchronized to work simultaneously on WhatsApp, but the latest beta version of the WhatsApp messenger allows devices to be synchronized, allowing users to work on WhatsApp simultaneously.

WhatsApp presently authorizes only one device to connect to an account. Even the desktop version of WhatsApp can only function together with a running application on a smartphone emulating it.


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