Whatsapp announces a brand new feature on August 3rd that offers customers to fast double-check the veracity of a sent message, notedly that one which forwardly to many times. This new feature is available in the latest updates of Whatsapp for Android, iOS, and Web in some of the countries Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US.

Based on the report, the new feature brings a new magnifying glass button in front of any shared message that carrying a link. You can directly click a button that directly redirects to the web to find out the related news or sources of information through which users can confirm the truthness of the message.  In a way, the Whatsapp user is conscious of the need to either share or disregard.

The main intention of the Whatsapp is to reduce fake misleading information that leads a lot of users. As well as, the feature allows to user to forward the content themselves or other users directly from the browser. However, this is one only out of a number of features to assist the messaging app which is Facebook-owned trying to limit the percentage of forwarding messages or attempts to control.

At the starting of the Covi-19 pandemic across the world, Whatsapp announces a new feature that how many users are permitted to forwarded a message to other people users at a time after the first five. Quickly, it added double arrows to label a publish that was created by somebody who should not be an in-depth contact and has been forwarded to many instances.

This feature is a little bit similar to Twitter’s latest feature which allows users to read a full tweet that keeps a link before retweeting. During the Coronavirus crisis all over the world, many leading social media platforms have to take fast action in front of spread misleading information.

Fb, as an example, blocks misleading informing posts about COVID-19 on the platform, Google took an excessive measure to ban advertisements on web sites that promote conspiracy theories about COVID-19, whereas Youtube additionally flags movies revealing false details about a remedy for the virus.

Take all this action might not give a perfect assurance of an end to misinformation on social media soon, these tech companies hope that these moves would limit the spreading misleading news to some extent and as well as users get aware from a lot of fake news that is floating internet on daily basis.

Till now, it not sure or revealed.that when Whatsapp web search feature will be launched globally. Meanwhile, the tech large simply started the trial of its cost companies, WhatsApp Pay, in India after a not successful outing in Brazil in June.


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