A media reported on Friday, In the central city of Da Nang, a Vietnamese man has tested positive for COVID-19  in which Vietnam had recorded no community transmissions. According to a local newspaper, Docs initially suspected the affected person, a 57-year-old man native to the world, had contracted pneumonia, but coronavirus assessments got here again from two separate testing centers

Fifty people has-been isolated who has been contacted with him also, all hospital staff and doctor also has been placed under lockdown.

Nguyen Tien Hong, deputy director of Da Nang’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement, who were close to that person have also seen Coronavirus symptoms. There’s a probability the case could also be a false optimistic, as occurred with an Indonesian man who initially examined optimism for the virus in Ho Chi Minh Metropolis on July 1. Vietnam has up to now proved a hit story in its response to the pandemic.

Vietnam is the only city that proved as a success story n its response to the Corona crisis. A total of approx 418 people have been recorded yet, and become of the 365 has been recovered and no one is reported died.

Vietnam has thus far proved a success story in its response to the pandemic. Only 412 cases have been recorded, and no one has died as a result. All current new cases have come from Vietnamese nationals who had been repatriated after turning into stranded abroad.

The government has been recorded considering resuming International flights to countries where the virus has been contained.

The confirmed COVID cases all over the world are more than 1.39 million from which 886 K Corona positive tested have been recovered and more than 32,063 infected person has been dead. Countries are now solely open their economy and get back to their normal pitch.


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