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Android 11 was released on September 8th being just over a month old, but there are already loads of complaints from users about apps that are meant to go full screen but can not go full screen. And sometimes when these apps are in full-screen mode, the status bar and the navigation bar are not going away like they should. For instance, games and some particular apps like YouTube are meant to fill up the whole screen with content or whatever the app is about when full-screen mode is allowed. But ever since the launching of Android 11, some Android users have found out that these apps are no longer able to fill up their phones’ displays completely.

As a result of this, game players, several of whom carry their devices in Landscape mode, are finding out that some aspects of a game are being trimmed away by the status bar or the navigation bar making gameplay impossible.

While Android users conveyed this issue with Google and others on the Google issue tracker site during the period when the Android 11 betas were being released, Google did not do anything with the information due to the fact that it allegedly was not able to replicate the problem.

But evaluating that the issue is starting to garner interest once again, and it would be surprising if Google did not take another glance at this bug. Particularly since last month, Google acknowledged that the issue is a product feature issue and not a developer feature.

In Android 11, many game elements are partially obstructed by the status bar or the navigation bar even on apps with full screen – Android 11 bug obstructs users from discerning vital parts of the screen.

Many game elements are somewhat barred by the status bar or the navigation bar even on full screen apps in Android 11 thereby giving users issues.

Some Android users who have been going through the issue assert that by shutting the apps and starting them again, they were able to rectify the issue. So in case you are also having this issue, you might want to try out this solution and see if it works out for you.

It is worthy of note and time and effort saving to know that wiping your Android device is not a solution to this problem. Hopefully Google will convey an update shortly that will eliminate this bug once and for all.


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