On Wednesday, The United Nations noted that Nigeria should prioritize the protection of education from attacks in order to revive confidence in the faculties as places of safety for children and academics.

Mr. Edward Kallan, a resident and humanitarian coordinator of the United Nations, referred to this in commemoration of the Primary Worldwide Day to protect education against attack.

Meanwhile, greater than three million children seek emergency-in-emergency assistance within the conflict-affected states of Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe in North-East Nigeria.

State governments have the plan to again reopen the faculties after extended closures so that a flexible schooling system can be built to resist future setbacks.

Education is critical to serving and bettering the crisis-affected communities within North-East Recover. Attacks on faculties are a direct attack on future generations. I name all events for the fight to take all necessary measures to protect education and give learners an opportunity to build a bright future. “Kallan has mentioned in a statement


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