166 million-year-old dinosaur fossils dr. Elsa found Panseroli, who along with members of her group, were trying out fossils for various animals to live on.

In a strange but thrilling incident, a scientist has found a fossil of dinosaur while working along the shores of the Hebridian island in Scotland. Dinosaur fossils dr. Elsa was found by Paniseroli, who along with a member of her group was on the hunt for various animal stays.

Paniseroli, speaking to the press, she mentioned that she had stumbled upon a dinosaur bone while working and was trying to meet with various members of her group and team members. Dinosaur fossils are reportedly 166 million years old, dating to the Middle Jurassic period.

The bone has been stored within the Nationwide Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the place has been displayed to visitors all over the world.

According to reviews and data, Scottish scientists have been looking at dinosaur bones for over more than 200 hundred years. Until now, a dinosaur fossil found in Scotland was on the Isle of Skye. This is the very first primary time {that a} dinosaur bone has been unearthed, in the vicinity of the eg, fossils of marine reptiles and fish were already been found.

The dinosaur fossil discovered on the small island is a limb bone area, which is about 50 centimeters lengthy in way of dimension.

It has since been discovered to be related to stegosaurian dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus. Paniseroli found Bone on a nationwide geographically funded fieldwork in the year 2017. The bone which was discovered was badly destroyed, though Palaeontologist and Panisroli’s colleague Nigel Larkin prepared it carefully to review the group. It was in all probability a juvenile, and chunk marks present it was scavenged after dying, sated Panciroli in an interview.


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