Image Credit: The Wire

Time is running out for the Chinese video-sharing app Tiktok, which filed an 11-hour complaint in Washington federal court in an attempt to remain a hateful US ban from the Trump administration.

Tiktok and his parent company ByteDance says in a statement that they were targeted for some political reasons and efforts to keep them away from American telephones, a violation of their First Amendment rights, Reuters reported.

After a few days of rumors around all over the news and social media,  the Commerce Department on Friday issued an order that could block further downloads of the service from Google and the Apple App Store. The same order will be also applied to the messenger service of the Chinese country called  WeChat.

The order has an impact on individuals who have already received downloaded applications on their phones and devices, however, this is preventing customers from receiving updates.

According to the reports, Tiktok has around 100 million lively customers in the US and has raised a doubt in between the US officials, that fearing falling into the hands of Chinese officials about consumer data and many more things.

A settlement deal to offer a Microsoft to buy Tiktok’s platforms within the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand later fell through when businesses could no longer conform to the phrases.

“ByteDance just tells us that they might not be promoting Ticketok’s US operations at Microsoft,” the corporate press release said.


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