On Tuesday, Google had launched its Sub-Saharan African website-`thinkwithgoogle.com/SSA’- to help content marketers to get all local relevant insights they need.

Asha Patel, Head, Google SMB Marketing, Sub-Saharan Africa said in a statement, that according to her Think with Google Sub-Saharan Africa supports the marketers and business leaders as they face challenges of a rapidly-changing marketplace and algorithms.

Think with Google’ is a resource spot for business leaders and marketers all over the world and a number of international sites with information targeted mainly for marketers in those places including Asia Pacific, Middle East, Benelux, North Africa and now Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to the provided data Patel said, a deeper understanding and views particularly crafted for entrepreneurs and business individuals within the region. Also, she added,  think with Google features insights and case researches from African organisations and marketers who are working with Google.

We’ll get you with an example, “this case examines on how Africa’s largest entertainment brand – MultiChoice – drove watch time on its YouTube channel up 238 per cent by providing content material free”.

Some other example ‘’Or one other on how Kenya’s KCB Bank drove a change in client behaviour – from on-line betting to saving cash – utilizing an advert marketing campaign.

As well as, she said.“And a chunk on Nigerian e-commerce big Jumia adopting machine studying to optimise its bidding course of for Google Advertisements, which led to a 48 per cent improve in conversion fee, 2.four per cent fall in the price per acquisition and 52 per cent progress in conversions,’’

Think with Google walk along with this rapidly-changing environment and offering the data and other related business insights which helps to make the best decision. according to Patel. further, she said, the main motive of a website is to incentive the marketers to thinks in a creative way related to the brands they represented and the different ways to communicate with their consumers and to help them and grab fastly the latest algorithms and tools of digital marketing.

The Information Company of Nigeria (NAN) reports that `Think with Google’ was launched in 2013 as ‘Think Insights’ in a bid to provide entrepreneurs insights into a consumer and cultural trends primarily based on Google’s huge bank of information.


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