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Following the video of her wedding ceremony, social media, followers, and co-workers denied the comment

She wears a white wedding dress with her husband for the courtroom and not just two of the Day Dye D videos.

She says, ‘The person affected by Love Day, forgives and leaves no work. No, just give the girl cash and buy it, but to make her completely happy and say she loves’

Apart from years of close relationships, we know of some followers that they react to even when they die when they write.

Who is Bukunmi Oluwasina?

Bukunmi Oluvasina Grace Na, the award-winning Nollywood actress V Dio Yoruba is common for films. She says she sings about Waitin Pippo no Sabi, she is a screenwriter, filmmaker, director, soundtrack musician, model influencer, and mannequin. Na He is the Mind behind the loaded soundtrack for Yoruba films.

Dim was born to Bunyqmi on the DIS7 in Dee’s house in the early 1990’s Dee and was a third pickin ‘in Na. He comes from Oke-Imesi, Ekiti State, South-West Nigeria.

She will receive a Bachelor’s diploma for Theater Arts at the Bukunmi Na graduate place of Obafemi Awolowo College.

How to take his profession

D’s actress started writing film scripts when she studies in secondary college. She blows up after producing a Yoruba film “Ayomi”. Di film gives her recognition as e her colleague wit Pepsi co. And Vivas. Also, he will get NGO, he will take help in pipo.

Bukunmi Oluwashina writes the screenplay for the film Don Lode, a narrative like Mine, Oluwere, Etan Templi, and Lovely Tracks. She also works for loads of films and works with Wisdom Ogbonge Artist for the Di movie business.

Dem nominates her as the Di Finest Indigenous Film (Yoruba) category for the Magic Viewer’s Alternative Awards  2015. She won the Oda award like:

Best Actress of the Year – Best of Nollywood (Bonn) Awards.
Best Actress – Maya Awards
Best Actress – ACI Award
Leading Youth Award for 2020


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