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PRINCESS Diana’s former nanny opens up her childhood days, making some very different types of claims made so far.

Mary Clarke was 21 when she started working for the Spencer home in her Norfolk residence Park Home in the year of 1971. First, she met a younger Diana when she picked him up from college.

Ms. Clarke described Diana as ‘a handsome young man, a rose with the cheeks of a genuine English rose, and it is acquired down to know everyone.’

He said: ‘I was given instructions by the house staff about some mischievous methods, which she acquired as much as she could. So I did a lot of trepidation.

‘However, I was nothing like this with Diana in any way.

‘I initially discovered him to be shy, [but] quickly he would warm you up … when you convinced him, he really did excel.’

Ms. Clarke loved Diana and her siblings on the beach, swimming pool, and village festivals.

She directed The Sunday Auctions: ‘Diana loved being outdoors, loving all her pets, her guinea pigs, her canine.

“She was comfortable. She loved her companion round.

‘She was an excellent swimmer … [in] all the pictures … you just see the Youngsters smiling, laughing and relaxed.’

Ms. Clarke defeated more than 60 candidates to become the nanny of Spencer House.

In 1967, Diana’s mummy Francis left her father Johnny Spencer, later the eighth Earl Spencer, and lost two custody battles to 4 youngsters.

In Andrew Morton’s e-book Diana: His True Story, Diana mentions that “Mummy determined to foot it” when she was “traumatized” by “disruption”.

And in an interview in The Sunday Occasions Journal’s final week, her brother Charles Spencer noted her “childhood” breakdown, and her mother “was no less for motherhood”.

Diana’s mother, however, was mentioned by Ms. Clarke: ‘She was a beautiful person … The youth spent many times with her … Once she had great opportunities to be with him.

‘Mother loved these young men. Would she have put herself through that dreadful second court case if it had not been that she really wished them?

‘It was exceptionally well dealt with by every father and mother.

“This father and mother gave him a wonderful life.”


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