Image Credit: AI Jazeera

At least 23 people were killed when a petrol tanker overturned and opened fire on a busy highway in Kogi, the central state of Nigeria.

According to sources, the tanker misjudged his management and boarded on the 5 vehicles, which on Wednesday are three three-wheelers and two bikes on the Loco-Abuja freeway.

It reportedly fell on one of several 5 vehicles, one of them considered to be taken to a house, crushed to die before bursting into flames, native media reported.

The State Sector of Kogi Commander Idris Fika Ali of the Federal Highway Safety Corp confirmed that 23 people were killed within the biggest explosion, while one child survived the type of accidents.

He said that 10 of the occupants of the vehicles were killed.

President Muhammadu Buhari said in an announcement, “The 23 deaths, as confirmed by the Federal Road Safety Commission Incharge, represent another disturbing and tragic incident within the litany of tragedies.”

“I am severely apprehensive about the frequency of those ominous and large-scale tragedies within the nation,” he added in an announcement.

A spokesman for the Federal Highway Safety Corps (FRSC), BC Kaizem, said 9 children were concerned during the crash, which overturned a petroleum station along the freeway.

If we take a look at many previous information, visitor accidents occur frequently in Nigeria, roads are in bad shape and security needs are very poor.


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