Health Minister of Nigeria, Drs. Osage Ahnier has directed the heads of federal government hospitals to use the services of medical doctors, who present the required National Youth Service Corps process, to make ensure that there is no break in medical supplies.

Ehanire instructed in an announcement on Wednesday.

The minister was answering to a nationwide strike by the national association of affiliated doctors who protested his non-payment of COVID-19 hazard allowances and various demands.

Apart from this, he also directed that when and at what place required for the dissolution of forest produce companies at the relevant and reasonable price, the employees of Lokam should be presented.

The lieutenant is with deep concern,” noted Ehanire, who sees the ongoing strike by the Nigerian Association of Residential Docks, which began yesterday (Tuesday) on September 7, 2020.

We must keep in mind that the first responsibility of medical doctors and all health workers is to save a lot of lives. The country is currently on a strike that the country is suffering from the COVlD-19 pandemic, sick and ill.

The Left is a critical time through which all health medical professionals are required to close ranks and face the broader enemy, which is a threat to mankind.

Due to this fact, one went on to strike a lot. In addition, many calls have been met and others, although troublesome, are in a complex phase of implementation. A little patience may have made a huge difference.

The Federal Ministry of Health needs to take the necessary measures to ensure that the next – COVlD-19 is implemented by instructing the CMDs / MDs of our federal tertiary hospitals on the generality of our population to minimize the impact of this strike.” Measures to be taken. Retailers should work as before.

“Emergency services ought to proceed to run as before. Routine services must be maintained with consultants, NYSC medical doctors. When and at what places the locum staff should be interrupted at the required and reasonable price for forest products companies, it will be initiated. “


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