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The married actress took to her social media handle to share her love story with her fans, revealing that they have been together collectively for 11 years.

In his personal phrases:

There is love, forgiveness, forgiveness, never found, and above all, it is almost shopping for a woman of all luxuries on earth, though about making her happier and taking extra rest than a woman who is on earth All are luxury items. I keep in mind to leave since 2010. And I advised You to offer me one thing to carry, to remind you all the time.

Then You gave me my wine wristbands. I advised you that I can always maintain it and will probably keep it on the day of our wedding ceremony. You laughed and mentioned … “that if we can’t separate ourselves when we enter UNIVERSITY, and at the same time you start meeting high people” it’s been 11 years now, and I have Have met a lot of men like you mentioned … but no, and by no means can you stop choosing everyone.

I advise you once that I am going to study theatre art. You never appreciated it. But you know how much I like it, you want to see me happy until you come to like it. I also do not see the need for individuals to be named for screenplays, all the time for your contribution to the making of my story, helping me get the right stories for the many films that gave me the award. Thank you all the time for supporting U and standing by me, and watching me grow even when no one knew me, until now.

I still wonder how a day is handed down without anyone knowing that you haven’t named me a day for the last 11 years. Even in the event, you saw me 2 hours in the past, even after the fight, you would still call .. “Have you eaten? Where are u? “. You know that how you really make me feel generally ??, as the only girl in the world. Like your identity, you are a reward for me. As my dad mentioned, ‘The day we discover a way to fix something when it is damaged, rather than throwing it away and shopping for each other, is the day when we get the key to an endless marriage.’  Will be taught ”holding endless. And I need to know that every time I tell you “I like you too” I hope you already know what I understand?

I know you love me, all the fights we have, everyone will say about those issues, yet, all the mistakes we will make, all those sides that cross our non-lane. Will do it in every good and dangerous day… whatever way you like. And as long as you want to love me, you won’t read until 4 to 4 years ago. treasure. My best friend
Cheers forever


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