This year, despite experiencing major setbacks in the world, the smartphone model has not missed churning revolutionary magic for its followers. and now? According to some sources says that at TECNO is set to launch its latest TECNO CAMON 16 series, yet another time. And, that’s not all. Based on information from some sources, TECNO plans to build a world AR (augmented reality) expertise to launch the CAMON 16 series.

TECNO’s CAMON devices have been most popular for their excellent cameras. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Camon 16 series can be embedded with an advanced 64MP back and 48MP front camera to deliver faster to customers than already had the picture expertise.

TECNO CAMON 16 sequels coming with the first on-line AR launch! UGC TECNO has been dedicated to delivering the latest technologies at all times, and this is reflected not only in modern smartphones but in addition to the visual expertise that customers can pass on to the model’s product launch.

Within the first half of 2020, TECNO excellently organized a TECNO CAMON 15 online launch opportunity — the primary online launch within the nation. It is little doubt that the augmented reality launch opportunity will create much more stimulating and vivid expertise.

As previously talked about, the iconic Tecno CAMON series has been dedicated to camera information research at all times. TECNO followers and customers love the steady upgrades with every single common. Due to the technical investment of TECNO in smartphone camera technologies, that smartphone is launched.

Considering TECNO’s ambition to be the main camera device model in international emerging markets, the TECNO CAMON 16 sequence hypothesis is perhaps best illustrated with a flagship-level 64MP Extremely Quad Again camera, a masterpiece with every image Also, an unprecedented top-of-the-line 48MP twin-entry camera cannot be removed from reality.

These options will not be useful to customers in any way, especially in the current world – using a smartphone camera captures the most space and critical moments. If all the assumptions are confirmed to be true, in addition to the previous improvements shown in previous CAMON smartphones with such tremendous build-up of previous occasions, we will not help what better experience viewers get from the CAMON 16 Can expect AR launch. This is the positive value of our expectations.


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