Image Credit: Daily Post Nigeria

The Nigerian musician, Tiwatope Savage, often known as Tiwa Savage, is known as Nigerian youths who stop trusting celebrities and are taking on completely different elements of the nation Continuous Finnish SARS form part of the protest.

According to the sources, that Nigerian celebrities teamed up, along with Folarin Falana, often referred to as Falz and pop star, to separate individual Nigerians from police brutality and extra-judicial killings Have joined the protest against Lagos.

In addition, another group of protesters, led by Deji Adeyanju, the Nigerian convenor involved, were seen marching at the pressure headquarters in Abuja, most notably the brutality and alleged killings by anti-theft squad operatives Were fully clothed to resist. Various placenta.

Following the incident, Tiwa, who may be one of several Protesters in a video shared through his Instagram account on Thursday, urged Nigerian youths to stop the protests and told the federal government that they would not rule unhealthy Are bored

Apart from this, he also suggested to the youth that they should take note that all the people of the nation should be counted and all need to be resolved.

Based on that, ‘If Nigerian youths do not come to protest they will assume that we are joking and therefore they do not take us seriously.’


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