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Elon Musk’s SpaceX has made up their minds to buy the remaining residents of the Boca Chica village. Musk plans on using the land to build a private resort to launch rockets into orbit. However, the remaining 10 inhabitants of the Texas hamlet have refused to sell their land.

According to business insiders, Negotiations between Elon Musk’s SpaceX and the inhabitants have reached a very challenging moment. The company has sighted that they may ‘pursue alternative approaches’ to carry on with their plans for the area.

Musk started to purchase land in the area in 2015, this development was made to expand his SpaceX and develop a site for testing his Starship-Super Heavy program. The Starship-Super Heavy program is a 394-foot-tall reusable rocket system.

If Musk’s plan for the land is assessed, space travels would be made easy and the cost of space travels would reduce exponentially. Frequent and affordable travels to the orbit, space, the moon or Mars could be made available.

But expanding the SpaceX and building the resort for employees or visitors might not be assessable if the remaining inhabitants of the town cannot be persuaded to sell their land.

It was later revealed that Elon Musk’s SpaceX is making its final attempt to buy the land remaining in the Boca Chica Village, but 10 of the inhabitants have refused to sell their land in the Texas hamlet.

SpaceX tried to buy the village in September 2019, they claimed to have offered inhabitants three times what their land was worth. More than half of the inhabitants agreed to sell their land the following month.

Business insiders reported that SpaceX has made what was claimed to be it’s ‘best and final offer’ last week to those remaining inhabitants.

A number of residents were interviewed by in July, all the residents that were interviewed claimed SpaceX tried to force and threaten them to give up their homes.

They claimed they have been made offers below the market price of their land. They also claimed to have been visited many times by David Finlay, SpaceX’s Senior Director of Finance, who they claim threatens them to sell their land. They also claimed the company lied to them about the danger posed to them by Starship launches, but the company is trying to use their land as residents for workers.

Retired social worker Celia Johnson, who lived in the village since 1992 said she has rejected all offers SpaceX had given to her for her two properties.

She further said: ‘Elon Musk was born and raised in South Africa and that’s where they had apartheid. That’s where they had the rich white folks use the minorities to make the money and he’s never changed his thinking. He’s here simply for the money.’

But Georgia Teel, aged 54, a drugs and alcohol counselor, told that she sold her land even though it won’t cover her mortgage ‘because he was going to take it anyway’.

Teel told, with tears, that the repeated threats and demeaning offers had really affected the relationship in her family, further contributing to why they sold their land.

‘We turned it down four or five times,’ Teel said. ‘Me and my husband are having so many issues with that and it caused a whole lot of family stuff.

‘But we’ve agreed to sell now because he’s going to take it. We’re going to lose everything, the money is already invested.’

‘For him [Musk], it’s nothing – just a check, that’s it. But it’s a lot of hard-earned money for someone who’s under that pay grade.’

The residents say SpaceX won’t be able to secure any other buyouts after their final round of offers which expired on Friday.

Rosemarie Workman, who lived on Weems Street since 2004 with her husband, Jim, said: There’s just no way in hell we can replace that place.’
‘And when somebody gives me a one-week notice, it’s a trap.’

‘”You’ll have one week to do this or that, and then we’ll do something else”? That’s a threat in my book,’ she continued.

The company announced that Boca Chica could turn out as the first commercial US spaceport, which would launch not more than 12 orbital missions per year.

‘We’re talking about something that’s really the big leagues here. This would be kind of a commercial version of Cape Canaveral,’ Musk announced during testimony before the Texas House Appropriations Committee in March 2013. ‘It’d be an historical first in the world. It would be of very great significance both to the local economy as well as to the world.’

Cheryl Stevens, aged 59, told that the failed launches made her turn her two bedrooms into a ‘bunker room’ with boarded up windows.

She sighted that: ‘The first time, the ship exploded, it broke my window. SpaceX did replace it the next day.

‘The second time, I didn’t even know they were going to test but I heard the siren and saw the Sheriff’s Department so I grabbed my dog, my pillows and my phone and went to my bunker room.

‘I heard this loud boom and all of my windows rattled. Then it left me semi-deaf and a little bit stressed out because I didn’t know what was happening with it.’

‘It was like an earthquake. It was actually quite terrifying because they had been testing, testing, testing and that day there was a little kaboom and I thought that was it’, she added.

‘We were headed outside when it happened, and it was like ‘oh God’. It was terrifying.’

‘We are working with the residents of Boca Chica Village because … it will end up needing to get cleared for safety a lot of times,’ Musk announced during a briefing about Starship in September 2019. ‘I think the actual danger to Boca Chica Village is low, but it’s not tiny. So therefore we want super-tiny risk. So probably, over time, it’d be better to buy out the village. ‘

Mary Bloomer once told vice TV that: ‘I kind of think he thinks money can buy everything, and we should be glad we’re getting the three times, and we should just go, but, no, money can’t buy everything. So here we are.’

SpaceX is pulling down and renovating the residents it already bought for the inhabitance of employees, while still tying to buy the remaining residents in the village.

‘Aiming to make it super fun!’ Musk tweeted in August about the project.

He announced that the resort would belong to the employees but would support public access when it is safe and secure.


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