Prepear is an application that offers people to easily discover the food recipe, meals, make lists, and help to arrange grocery deliveries. The app is a spinoff of “Super Healthy Kids,” and the Prepear founder said that there are facing legal actions statement from Apple. Recently, According to the report, Apple reportedly has an issue to Prepare logo, they claim that the logo it’s too similar to their logo.

The Prepare company said a statement through an Instagram post that Apple has decided to oppose and go against the trademark of our small business, claiming that our pear logo is very similar to their apple logo and is believed to harm their brand”. The post against on to the action as “The post describes the action as “a major setback for us at Prepear”, and intends to retain the original logo and “send a statement to big tech companies that bullying small startups and business has consequences.”

The company has tried to persuade Apple by launch a change .org to leave it an opposition to the prepared logo and try to prevent so-called big tech companies from abusing their bigger position of power by going after small companies and startups like ours who try hard to face the challenges of COVID-19.

Prepear stated that this business is very small with only a  5 team member and the total legal cost, And points out that despite this he legal costs already cost thousands of dollars and the cost of a team member to be trimmed.

“Apple has opposed the trademark software for our small companies, Prepear, demanding that we modify our obviously pear-formed brand, used to signify our brand within the recipe administration and meal planning business… Most small companies can not afford the tens of 1000’s of dollars it might value to struggle Apple,” the petition claims. “It’s very terrifying expertise to be legally attacked by one of many largest corporations on the planet, even when we have now clearly completed nothing incorrect, and we understand why most corporations simply give in and change their logos.”

According to analysis, a petition has been recently reached almost 9,000 signatures, and the petition founders expect that surely is would reach 10,000.

Prepear adds on and says, early there are many cases that were present where Apple has opposed many other applications which logo is related to fruit, even if the work and industry are dissimilar to Apple’s.


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