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The American singer, Tremaine Alden Neverson, nicknamed ‘Trey Songz’, on Monday has tested positive for coronavirus disease.

The 35-year-old father aad a famous singer of one took to his Instagram handle on a Monday to share the information with his followers and fans in a video that he posted.

He mentioned in a video, “I am here with a very important message to make you acknowledge that I have done an optimistic exam for COVID-19.

‘I have done many tests because I am protesting, Food Drive, after all, also I have a really young son at home, so for his security and safety, I get checked from time to time and this time it is sadly, this time I find positive.’

‘However, I need to tell all of you that I am taking it seriously ‘and do self-quarantine without contact with anyone at home until I see some good or negative sign in me.

‘This year also my grandfather passed away and until it was mentioned that it was a virus, I think it was; therefore, I have taken it very seriously all the time.’

‘I might additionally like to advise all fans to string along a warning to ensure that they have not received the virus’.

‘However, if you make contact with this disease please take it seriously don’t be like the President.


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