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Sean Lennon helps celebrate his father John Lennon’s 80th birthday with some grand surprises and many interesting things.

Introduced by BBC Radio 2 that The young Lennon will be interviewing his brothers Julian Lennon, Elton John, and Paul McCartney in a two-part documentary.

“John Lennon must have turned 80 on Friday 9 October,” a press launch regarding the occasion reads. ‘Hosted by his youngest son Sean on his first radio about his father, it is a homely, musical, homely portrait of the famous musician. It sheds contemporary tenderness over John’s extraordinary life in music – one that most More was made. Essential musical milestones of the 20th century – and, moreover, his incredible re-flows deeply into the catalog. ‘

The documentary is scheduled to air greater than two days in the month of October. This should mark the primary time Sean and Julian Lennon (who are completely different mothers) have spoken collectively about their father in public.

This is one of the primary time when Sean Lennon has spoken publicly with John Lennon’s lyrical partner and fellow beetle, Paul McCartney.

On the day of December 8, 1980, in the New York Metropolis, Mark David Chapman was shot and killed by the elder Lennon by Outer Lennon’s Cambodian, Dakota.

If Talking about recent projects, Chapman was denied parole this is the 11th time when Chapman has denied.


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