In the world, there is hardly a place where stars clearly see while twinkle because of  ‘atmospheric turbulence’. But a  phenomenon that confounds scientists the world over.

In new research which is published on July 29 in the journal Nature, the researcher found that One hotspot is called Dome which is located on a plateau near central Antarctica, around 2.5 miles or 4 kilometers above the sea level where we clearly starring at the cosmos without any interference of Earth atmosphere.

The research found that above the Dome A unreal stars are twinkle less in comparison to around the world. Because of a phenomenon called atmospheric turbulence. Mainly, because the wind blows throughout uneven terrains, like mountains or valleys, it creates turbulent eddies within the ambiance that may warp the looks of sunshine reaching Earth from distant stars.

“By the point [starlight] hits the bottom, it is in all places and also you get these blurry photos,” co-author Michael Ashley of research, an astrophysicist on the College of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, mentioned in a press release.

Also, according to the new study,  Ashley and his colleagues claim that atmospheric turbulence is not the main problem at Dome A because the As a result of the plateau is lifeless flat for tons of ft in each path. Also. a slow local wind makes very small turbulence in the air at low altitudes, the place a telescope lens would probably sit. The staff establish a small telescope on a platform 26 ft (eight meters) off the bottom and have been capable of completely bypass turbulence when observing the celebrities in midwinter.

As well as, the antarctic winters also offer another advantage to stargazers at Dome A. Based on the researchers, polar nights can final 24 hours or extra throughout Antarctic winter, make for much longer home windows for stargazing than anyplace else on Earth. In conclusion, the researchers wrote, Dome A could be the proper spot to arrange a brand new ground-based telescope for further stellar observations.

It is Obvious that Antarctica is not only the grade-A spot for stargazing. A telescope which is space bases such as NASA Hubble Space Telescope. has the luxury of floating excessively above the turbulent environment,  permitting astronomers to clicks some actually breathtaking photos of the cosmos.

Ashley said, ” “Satellites are much more costly — we are speaking possibly elements of 10 to 100 times the price of ground-based telescopes.  However, one other benefit of constructing Earth-based observations is you may at all times add the newest know-how to your telescope on the bottom. So you find yourself with house lagging the know-how on the bottom by 10 years or extra.”


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