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It’s probably a short time to reach Peaky Blinders Series 6, but on our screen, Sam Claflin (who starred Oswald Mosley) gave us a little notion of what we would count.

While talking to our colleagues at LADbible, Sam reveals that he has seen the script, and so they are quite juicy.

‘I am unable to discuss my particular storylines, but I have seen the script and so they are very, very, very juicy. I know they are eager to stand up and work quickly because it is protected. This is one thing that I am very keen to get again, ‘he defined.

‘There’s nothing concrete within the diary, but I’m kissing a little bit to regain the place we left it and the place I know it’s going to.’

After the series 5 Cliffhangers, it makes sense that the sixth installment could be full of drama. To recap, (advancing FYI) Series 5 focuses on Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), the cunning chief of the British Union Fascists dealing with a new enemy in Oswald Moseley.

This ends with Tommy being disciplined by a gun held over his head – now a cliffhanger!

The new sequence can be gauged from what happens to Tammy by offset, with director Anthony Byrne telling Digital Spy that the primary episode of Sequence 6 has picked up from where he left off.

‘Yes, it picks up immediately’ he said. ‘So, the first picture you’ll see is probably in that discipline again … Tommy, with a gun to his head.

‘Then, we’re going to transfer from there, we resolve that tremendous moment … that’s good.’

According to, the new series will even be jumping time, the series 5 to 5 years, so it is anticipated that the current will move to 1934 as soon as Tommy’s Cliffhazer is resolved.

Although the sixth installment was anticipated to be aired in 2021, it is in danger of being pushed again additionally if delayed as a result of the epidemic.

Let’s face it though – this defo will be worth the wait!


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