Yesterday, the official head of Russia Space Agency stated that Roscosmos seeks to return back to venus and brings a soil sample that also builds a spacecraft that defeat the Elon Musk rockets.

The final week America’s first-ever crewed spaceship which is fly to the International Space Station (ISS)  in about a decade returned back safely to Earth, Is scattered in the Gulf of Mexico. This ISS mission was carried out jointly by Nasa and Musk’s SpaceX.

Its Falcon 9 rocket is semi-reusable

Dmitry Rogozin a Roscosmos chief stated in an interview with state news agency RIA Novosti “‘We are creating a methane rocket to replace the Soyuz-2″. He adds on and said This would be a reusable space complex, given that it would be possible to use its first stage at least 100 times.

Rogozin says, ” ‘Of course we are looking at what our American colleagues are doing and our engineers are trying to take a shortcut not to repeat what our SpaceX colleagues are doing but surpass them.”

Also, he said he was not impressed with what Musk Space X spacecraft did, saying its landing was ‘rather rough.

‘It isn’t designed for floor landing that is precisely why American colleagues selected to land on the water the way in which it was carried out 45 years in the past, Rogozin stated.

Russia had for a few years enjoyed a monopoly as the one nation capable of ferry astronauts, and the SpaceX launch means that the lack of bigger earnings. A seat within the Soyuz prices the Nationwide Aeronautics and Area Administration (Nasa) around $80mn.

Rogozin said, “he always seeks that Russia spacecraft retire to Venus because somewhere it was always a Russian Planet”. The Soviet Union was the one and the only country that has landed on inspection on the surface of Venus.

“Never said anywhere I believed that Venus is much more interesting than Mars, adding that Venus is also helping to the Scientist to deeply understand how to tackle climate change on Earth”.

Venus who taken into account to be the hottest planet within the photovoltaic system and the atmosphere is made up almost fully of carbon dioxide. ” If we do not research that what is happening on the climate of Venus then we aren’t able to understand how to stop the same scenario from happening on our planet.

‘We all know the way to do it, he added, saying Russian scientists have been presently finding out related Soviet-era documents. However, Roscosmos regretted that repeated fund cuts risked threatening most of the programs.”

‘I do not fairly understand the way to work in these kinds of situations, he stated. ‘We’re seeing that main foreign space agencies are raising their budgets.


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