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Wayne Rooney is “annoyed and dissatisfied” after putting Covid-19 at risk of contracting when he was visited by a sail that was contaminated with a coronavirus.

The Derby player-coach was given a stunning watch at his residence on Thursday by Josh Bardsley, who was sidelined after investigating the virus and became creative for Covid-19.

Rooney was not aware that Bardsley was violating officials and NHS protocol and went the full 90 minutes to mislead the derby as a derby in the championship match on Friday.

The player-coach required an emergency check on Saturday evening and a spokesman instructed that Solar would not have allowed him to be contacted by Budsley’s identity and sign.

He said Wayne briefly met Josh Birdsley on Thursday while visiting Wayne’s home.

‘Wayne was not told by Josh or anyone else before or during the instruction that Josh was instructed to conduct a coronavirus test.

‘If she recognized that Josh had been approached by Observe and Hint or had conducted a constructive investigation, he would have refused to see her?

Wayne is angry and frustrated that he, his home, and his membership have been put in secret by someone at this place and in violation of the presidency and NHS tips. He is now investigating a coronavirus due to his contact with Josh. ‘

Derby, relying on the information, said they are following the recommendation of the authorities within the face of the pandemic.

‘Derby County Soccer Membership is conscious of a report in a nationwide newspaper about a member who has been constructively tested for Covid-19, who is involved with an individual’.

‘Having become aware of this information, the club has ensured that appropriate measures have been taken in line with the strict EFL Covid-19 protocol and UK authorities’ tips, with membership working below.

‘The club will stick to the Covid-19 guidelines and protocols to ensure this. To ensure that the safest possible environment is offered for its players and workers. ‘


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