Beaumont team members including clinical engineers,biomedical engineers, carpenters, CPD specialists, Safety administrater and microbiologists create build and test a method of disinfecting N 95 masks using UV-C light and heat.

Here are several problems people have been facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic and one of them is high demand. COVID-19 created a very high demand and due to this pandemic has created many shortages for health care providers and other health officials and creative many approaches to prompting a search for sanitization. There are lots of other ways to sterilize one thing, however many of them will destroy the filtration or fit of an N95 respiratory. Now, based on a new study of researchers, electric multicookers can be used to sanitize the N95 respiratory mask.

According to a study at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign discovered that approx 50 minutes with a dry heat which comes from a cooker, like a rice cooker or Instant Pot, easily purify the N95 face mask and out while maintaining it’s filtration and fit.

With the help of this experiment, It enables us to safely wears the reuse N95 mask with limited supplies of the respirators, naturally use to be one-time-use items.

Sanitize Without Affecting the Filtration Quality

The N95 mask is best personal protective mask to tool in comparison to other cloth or surgical related masks. N95 is capable of easily protect the wearer against airborne droplets and smaller particles that could carry a virus.

According to the officials, any sanitation technique would want to purify all surfaces of the respirator, however, equally essential is to sustaining the filtration efficacy and the fit of the respirator to the face of the wearer. otherwise, it won’t provide proper safety.

The researchers expect that dry heat is capable to meet all the 3 criteria. filtration, fit, and purification without require some other method or bigger preparation for leaving any chemical residue. Researchers also find a way that people easily do at home without any special preparations.

More Effective Than UV Light

Researchers used an electric cooker to test it, which most of the people use at their home or pantries. They confirmed a one cooking style, which balances out the content of the cooker at approx 100 degree Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit for 50 minutes, purifies the mask with inside and out technique from four different classes of the virus, including a coronavirus-  and did so extra successfully than ultraviolet light. Then, they examined the filtration and fit

The researchers also shoot a video purify the method. Also, they find out that heat must be dry heat without an added water and temperature ought to be maintained at 100 levels Celsius for 50 minutes and a small towel ought to cover the underside of the cooker to balance out any a part of the respirator from coming into direct contact with the heating factor.


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