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A federal ruling states that after Texan Eric Swarbrick spent 30 months in prison on Wednesday, he was held responsible for sending threatening letters and some emails to Taylor Swift’s former label Large Machine Information in Nashville, Tennessee.

Swarbrick was sentenced, triggering three-year surveillance while being heard in Nashville, however, the phrases have been agreed to by prosecutors in a petition Swarbrick recorded in 2019.

Information about the big machine began receiving letters from Swabrick in January 2018 and, with criticism from CEO Scott Borchetta, asking him to introduce Swift. Swarbrick sent most to most 40 threatening letters and emails, which became more and more violent and sexual.

He sent letters 3 times in person from his home in Austin, Texas to Nashville and wandered down the hall, together on August 2, when he was arrested by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Division.

Swarbrick continued to contact Large Machine Information after launching from the Nashville Police Division, demanding that Swift be raped and killed and that he would kill himself at the entrance of Borchetta and his workers.

Some of the crucial quotes

‘My concern about violence continues in my personal life. I make quick coat military-grade bandage dressing for gunshot or stab wounds, ‘Swift wrote in a 2019 essay for Elle. “The web site and tabloids have taken it upon themselves to offer a one-off home deal. You get enough stalkers to try to interfere with your own house and you also take the form of a beginner to unhealthy issues.’


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