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According to the statement made by the Nigerian Orthopaedic Association on Monday, over 1.5 million Nigerians suffered from arthritis yearly.

The President of the association, Dr ‘Kunle Olawepo, revealed this in a statement in Ilorin as the 2020 World Arthritis Day was commemorated.

He explained that, arthritis is a main cause of pain in the human joints which might end up in disability with physical and emotional effects.

“No fewer than 350 million people globally suffered from arthritis, while more than 1.5 million people in Nigeria annually receive treatment for this ailment.

“This observance calls global attention to a complex, multifaceted disease that evidence shows is a leading cause of disability worldwide, with both physical and emotional impacts,” he said.

Olawepo, who is an orthopaedic surgeon, portrayed arthritis as a group of ailments affecting the joints, including over 100 clinical conditions occurring from degenerative, inflammatory, inefficient, metabolic or autoimmune factors.

He explained that the two most common types of arthritis were the Osteoarthritis (degenerative) and the Rheumatoid (autoimmune) arthritis.

In his words, arthritis joint indications comprise swelling, pain, stiffness (especially morning stiffness) and lessened range of motion.

Olawepo announced that the stake factors to developing the disorder were family history and tendency, age, previous injury to the joint and obesity.

He reported that difficulties from arthritis could result in body defects such as Bow and K-legs, shortened limb as a result of reduced length, bending of the spine and accumulation of fluid in the joint.

The orthopedic surgeon warned the public to adopt lifestyle modifications such as weight limitation or instigating weight loss in the overweight or obese, periodic exercise for weight remedy and enhanced motion of the joints.

Olawepo urged the government at all levels on the provision of applicable and proper investigative modalities at an effortlessly available setting throughout the country.

“There should be provision of adequate health insurance, to ameliorate the cost of expensive investigations and treatment, including medications and interventions; joint repair, joint fusion and joint replacement surgeries.

“Arthritis is a global phenomenon with debilitating complications; prevention is the watchword.

“Lifestyle modification on the part of individuals and government’s support, by providing medical aid toward its treatment, shall go a long way in the proper management of this condition whenever it arises, even as we commemorate the 2020 World Arthritis Day,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the World Arthritis Day was first declared by the World Health Organisation in 1996, and celebrated annually on Oct. 12.


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