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Baha Ndaw, a retired colonel who was called the interim president of Mali after the final month’s coup, made his first public appearance on the day of Thursday, reporters from AFP, a regional mediator.

On the eve of his swearing-in Ndaw, 70, met former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in Bamco on a mission for a 15-nation block of Ecowas.
The appointment of Ndaw’s was initiated on Monday by Colonel Asimi Goita, a head of young naval officers who seized energy on August 18, who ousted elected President Ibrahim Baubaker Keita.

Goita himself will act as the vice president below the announcement. The interim president will rule for 18 months before staging nationwide elections.

ECOWAS – Financial Group of West African States – slapped sanctions on Mali on 20 August, for the rapid reinstatement of civilian officials, as well as the appointment of citizens as interim president and prime minister.

Jonathan noted on Thursday that the sanctions could be announced on Friday to see if the plan met the standards. An official close to the communiqué of the sanctions, who declined to be named, noted that “there are still discussions”.

As a result of meeting different Malian officers on Thursday, Jonathan, together with New, met with outstanding figures who were detained by the Navy after the final month’s coup.

ECOWAS has demanded leave of all detainees. Keita was launched, although former Prime Minister Baubau Sise, among various officials, remained under house arrest.

Mali’s neighbors have drawn a tight line with Janta, fearing that a fragile nation of some 19 million individuals may lead to chaos. The vast nation’s swaths are already outsiders to the Presidency management as a result of a major jihadist insurgency, which first surfaced in 2012.

Apart from this, there is also ethnic tension. The current restrictions close border limits and ban trade commerce and monetary flows, but not to deal with basic needs, medicine, coronavirus, gas, or electric energy.


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