On Fourth, of July gathering,  on the US peoples are gathered many no-mask weddings,  graduation parties, bars, and many public areas. This is the reason the Coronavirus cases are continuously surge and racked up greater than 155,000 coronavirus deaths. The United States country is on No.1 where most of the people are infected with this virus.

More than 50 percent of peoples in the US has prohibited from wearing a mask and social distancing. The health officials stated that the biggest problem has been compounded by complicated and inconsistent steering from politicians and a patchwork quilt of approaches to containing the scourge by county, state, and federal governments.

Based on the data, The total no.of confirmed infected patients in the U.S. more than 4.7 million, with new cases running at more than 60,000 a day. The no. of Coronavirus patient death on a daily basis is around 780 to 1,056.

Also, The health officials are founded a half-dozen new COVID cases who are a part of events like lifeguard party, a high school graduation party, a prom party, an unsanctioned football camp, and a packed harbor cruise trip. As well as Cod the latest house party on Cape Cod where more than 60 people have been a part of from them around dozens of people found Coronavirus positive.

In Mississippi, Republican Gov. Tate Reeves grudgingly reversed course and introduced a statewide order requiring the sporting of masks due to a resurgence of the virus. Meanwhile, he additionally delayed the beginning of the school yr for higher grades in eight hard-hit counties.

He said in a statement, “Wearing a mask — as irritating as it can be, and I promise you I hate it more than anyone watching today — is critical,”

In Virginia, The situation is getting worse day by day in such cities Norfolk and Virginia Beach that Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam mounted a rules and regulations limits there last week on alcohol sales and gatherings of more than 50 people. Northam, the nation’s sole governor who’s a physician, cited rising infections amongst younger individuals and stated the issue is that “too many individuals are selfish.

Also last week, In Brandon, South Dakota, a lot of ca racing fans comes to stadium and packed up approx 9,000 seats and many of them did not cover their face, social distancing and other follow the safety precautions.

In all of them, one of 21 years old Veronica Fritz said, “We are kind of over this whole COVID thing. I want sport a mask unless I absolutely have to. I am a very strong Christian and I know where I’m going, and I believe God will take me when I’m supposed to go. So if I get COVID-19 and I die from COVID, it’s not my decision.”

Also, Over the past 14 days a quarter of Wisconsin’s larger than 55,000 cases had been confirmed. A lot of the spike has occurred within the state’s densely city southeastern corner, however, the illness has additionally unfolded with wonderful velocity in rural and sparsely populated northern Wisconsin.


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