Nigeria’s high police chief has banned a controversial anti-robbery unit and various specialized brokers over scrapping stop-and-search operations and mounting obstructions on allegations of abuses.

Mohammed Adamu, Inspector General of Police (IGP), noted in a press release on Sunday that the Federal Particular Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) and various strategic squads should cease such operations, along with checking site visitors, ” With sharp effect “.

He said that law enforcement officers should no longer work in plain clothes, but think of their uniforms or authorized tactical gear at all times.

The stated statement states that the IGP’s instructions come against the backdrop of findings by the management of the force that many personnel of strategic squads hides these guidelines to end all forms of illegality.

According to Adamu, two FSARS brokers and a civilian union have been arrested in Lagos, Nigeria’s trading capital, for acts of professional {misconduct} “coupled with extortion and bullying of disadvantaged citizens”.

Calls have escalated in the latest months by the Police Investigation Department to discontinue allegations of illegal arrests, torture, and even suspects’ homes.

Some stories of abuse by Nigerians have been posted on social media under #EndSARS.

The unit, a division of the Nigerian Police below the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), was already reorganized in 2017 on related charges.

It evolved from disparate forces throughout Nigeria and is now a nationwide decree under the country’s federal police power to face violent crimes that resemble armed theft, kidnapping, and communal clashes.

Adamu specifically warned, “towards the invasion of privatization of model residents, especially by an indiscriminate and unauthorized search of cell phones, laptops, and different good gadgets”.

He mentioned that his remit was limited to cases of armed theft, kidnapping, and various violent crimes when needed.

Authorities will go on to follow the law enforcement officers and self-discipline that govern the principles.

Earlier on Sunday, Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu promised to take motion towards the police unit.

He wrote on Twitter, “It is very worrying to study the experiences of illegal exploitation by persons accused on guard and it should be addressed immediately.” “Be assured that acceptable action can be taken, and also fast.”

Our bodies have long called for the elimination of special diarrhea, locally and worldwide.

In June, Amnesty Worldwide referred to the unit “continuing to torture and various human rights violations while discharging its regulation enforcement duties”.


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