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The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has recorded 131 new conditions of coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the number of infections to 56,735 across the country. The NCDC recognized it on Thursday on its official Twitter deal.

In this, new conditions have been confirmed in 18 states. The health company has noted that Lagos State has recorded the best type of infections with 45 conditions, Kaduna and Plateau, each with 17, 16 in FCT, and 6 in Delta and Niger. Kwara recorded 5 situations, Oyo 3, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Ekiti, Enugu, and Osun 2 Hara. Others include Sokoto 2, Bauchi, Ebony, Catsina, and Rivers Hara 1.

The company mentioned that in the first 24 hours, 2 persons had died from the virus. in accordance with the agency so far, 56,735 cases have been confirmed, 48,092 have been discharged, and there have been 1093 deaths recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The health company noted that a multi-sectoral nationwide emergency operations center (EOC) operating in degree 3 has continued to coordinate nationwide response operations throughout the country. Meanwhile, as Edo prepares for the gubernatorial election on 19 September, the company has reminded voters of the need to inspect COVID-19 tips that were launched not too long ago.

It suggested that all concerned stakeholders take actions that could help reduce the danger of propagating coronavirus during the entire election. ‘As you may be aware, the gubernatorial election is taking place in Edo this weekend, but the epidemic has become an additional problem.

The rules actually present suggestions and actions that should be taken to minimize the danger of publicity to COVID-19 throughout the election,” it is famous. The company warned that the virus thrives in mass gatherings throughout elections. Due to this fact, it warned that failure to avoid public health and non-pharmaceutical measures could create a chance of an infection.

He said, ‘We just got the narrative of someone who has gone to someplace and started a secondary transition and naturally killed the weak and we have to stay away from it.’ ‘Large-scale gatherings will no doubt occur throughout the election, and one way to conduct elections without always sensitizing anyone to contract COVID-19 is to always adjust security measures.

‘And so we advocate the next one: there is a guarantee that publicity campaigns, hand hygiene and temperature checks can be done at polling stations. ‘Currently, polling stations or booths can be maintained physically away with clearly marked floors to ensure that queue vacancy is enforced.

‘Essentially use everyone’s face masks, and guarantee general cleanliness of polling stations, tables, and various surfaces.’  These are areas that can be straight to contracting the virus. “Scrubbers Hand senitis should be offered based on several factors or alcohol.

‘All the employees of the polling unit should regularly inspect hand hygiene. After all, when you meet with individuals, it is necessary to do this again and again, ”it noted.


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