Ikhwaezu noted this while reacting to the eradication of wild polio in Africa

On 25 August, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Nigeria and the rest of Africa polio-free.

Talking on monetary precedents, Ikhwaezu mentioned that the main goal has been to eradicate polio for over twenty years, removing the idea from various essential public health.

He said that public health should be given more attention than a disease.

Ikhwaezu noted: “I am excited that we have reached this point. It has been over 20 years since we set the objective. It has drawn several sources, some of which have supported the response to various infectious diseases.

While polio eradication drew in sources for public health, through the years, our greatest individuals, the best efforts, and lots of the best sources have focused on polio. It generally shunned thought from various essential public health needs is.

When you announce the elimination of one of the diseases as a purpose, it happens so often that I hope we don’t do it quickly for another disease. It’s time to deal with programs, diseases. Not of.

On the Coronacirus pandemic, Ihekweazu stated that some of the international locations taking attention on their pursuit alone as an alternative to the virus’s quest to end the world.

This is an international pandemic that needs a global response. Nevertheless, it was soon revealed that the additional sources you had, additional you are able to enter rare items such as personal protective equipment, masks and ventilators. The following big factors are entering vaccines and new medical sciences, he noted.

We see international locations bypassing international alliances and negotiating their terms and with corporations. The pressures we have set and for some years in international places are falling into the lure of fighting for the very best interests in the form of fairness and multilateralism.

“The idea that you can defend yourself and ignore the rest of the world is no rational understanding. Now, We have found a way to work together.”


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