On 30 July, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, hosting state-of-the-art technology including high-definition video equipment and the first interplanetary helicopter.

Especially, Most of the instrument has been designed as experimental steps toward human exploration of the red planet. For In-Situ Resource Utilization or MOXIE Experiment, the Perseverance is mounted with a device called the Mars Oxygen. Trying attempt to produce oxygen on a planet  Attempting to produce oxygen on a planet where it makes up less than 0.2 percent of the atmosphere.where it creates up lesser than 0.2 percent of the atmosphere.

Oxygen is one of the heavy and important payloads on space missions. It takes up numerous rooms and it’s very difficult and not possible for astronauts to bring with us enough oxygen from which humans can easily breathe there. Not to mention to fuel spaceships for the lengthy journey residence.

It is the main huddle which MOXIE is trying to solve. The car-battery-shaped robotic device is about 1 percent of the scale model scientists hope to send one day to Mars, maybe in the 20th century.

MOXIE trying to keeping in carbon dioxide as a tree, even though it’s a structure or design made especially for the  Martian atmosphere. It then electrochemically partitioned the molecules into oxygen and carbon monoxide and modulate the oxygen molecules into O2.

It inspection O2 for accuracy, shooting for about 99.6 percent of O2. And then it produces both the breathable oxygen and the carbon monoxide back into the planet’s atmosphere. However, future scale-up devices will store oxygen produced in tanks for end-use by peoples and rockets

According to a principal investigator for MOXIE, Michael Hecht “The toxicity of the carbon monoxide produced isn’t a worry”.

Also, he told “When you launch the carbon monoxide into the Mars environment, finally it’s going to mix with a really small quantity of residual oxygen that is there and switch again into carbon dioxide,”

Due to this reason, carbon monoxide also will not disrupt a potential biosphere on Mare a closed, engineered environment where earthly life flourishes.

As a result of MOXIE is a small proof-of-concept experiment, it no capacity to produce much oxygen – If everything will be fine then it producing approx 10 grams per hour, It is 1.2 cubic feet if we compare with the Earth air. For reference, For breath, Human being needs at least 19 cubic feet of air per day.

According to NASA MOXIE trying to test its capabilities by producing oxygen in the duration of the perseverance mission is increased by one hour intermittently.


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