The 4th planet of Sun, Mars is one of the mystery planets which always been a source of curiosity os most people. Over so many years, scientific research has helped human beings on Earth to learn more and more about Mars. Also, The images of the planet are always fascinated with people to know more. Just like the ones which NASA posted on their twitter handle.
The post is fulfilling with 4 mesmerizing images of the planet.

They post a picture and wrote a caption, ” Beautiful Mars! Our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launched 15 years ago today to study the Red Planet’s weather, subsurface water, atmosphere, and many other things. But the mission could best be known for the pictures sent by its @HiRISE camera.

People have hugely as that photo gave it  16,000 likes and more than 3,200 retweets and counting. People do not rid off to see the amazement of the red planet photo. People commented and show their feeling. One user wrote that ” I wish I could live there for some time”

Other users wrote, “Not simply beautiful, but extremely beautiful,” commented another. “These pictures really are just amazing,” Third on wrote there, “I wish I could go there”.

Same as the European Space Agency a few weeks ago trace a  Gas Orbiter detected the glowing green oxygen in Mars’ atmosphere.

Jean-Claude Gérard of the Université de Liège, Belgium, and lead author of the new study published in Nature Astronomy said “One of the brightest emissions seen on Earth stems from the glow of night. More specifically, oxygen atoms emit a particular wavelength of light that has never been seen around another planet, ”

Håkan Svedhem stated, “This is the very first time this significant emission has ever been seen around another planet beyond Earth,” Because of this most of the people also excited and drop out many comments.


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