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Microsoft team is affected by a software bug that threatens their value chain services. Microsoft’s Teams app started to experience a little glitch of late and this has affected services globally.

This has been confirmed by Microsoft after it recently announced that it was examining an outage that knocked down its cloud-based office services. The Microsoft cloud-based office services which were affected by this sudden outage includes the meetings software, Teams, worldwide.

This seems to be a wrong time for users to face challenges in accessing any of the service since most people have to work from home. Hence, during a pandemic like this, Microsoft services like Teams have been essential for individuals, and businesses working remotely.

In April, Microsoft announced approximately 75 million daily active users on Teams as a result of more people working from home.

Microsoft announced that there were issues with authentication for its cloud services at about 9.25 pm UTC. This implies that people were encountering challenges with logging into the online services; Teams, Outlook, and Office.

The outage had affected services globally.

Microsoft revealed this in a series of tweets that they were investigating an issue that is affecting access to multiple Microsoft 365 services.

The software company promised to provide more information as soon as they have identified the full impact of issues.

“We’re investigating an issue affecting access to multiple Microsoft 365 services. We’re working to identify the full impact and will provide more information shortly.

According to Microsoft, they have published MO222965 to the Microsoft 365 Admin Dashboard and updates will be posted on their site.

“We’ve published MO222965 to the Microsoft 365 Admin Dashboard, and will also be updating with updates to our investigation.

Another tweet says that the software company has identified a recent change that might have caused the issue. And that they are working to reduce the effect.

“We’ve identified a recent change that appears to be the source of the issue. We’re rolling back the change to mitigate the impact. Please follow for updates on this issue if you are unable to access the admin portal.”

Several Microsoft users are reliant on the services it offers. Due to this, Microsoft cannot afford to experience any glitch in its services.

Regardless, Microsoft has revealed that the glitch in its services have mostly been worked on, yet a small subset of customers in North America and the Asia Pacific were still unable to access the Microsoft services.


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