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In the genre comic and presenter, MC Okpeke has reacted to the information on the illicit relationship between Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin and liked the designer of the inside and the CEO of Sayaveth Interiors, Ehi Ogbebor.

The comic criticized these circulating, which he described as fake news.

MC Okpeke, who broadcasted rumors that the general public disregarded stories in which some individuals use social media to blacken their fellow human beings.

Recall that the Prophet Fufeyin, the Senior Prophet and the founding father of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, was accused of having an affair with Ogbeber.

Nevertheless, MC Okpeke, who would like to know extra in relation to the story, is famously said that “Ehi Ogbebor, [only] was contracted to furnish and finish the Omoto Fufeyins’ home in Warri, Delta.”

Ogbebor was primed to announce something to do with the cleric other than the venture.

The designer inside shared information on the major collaboration on his social media account, saying that she was grateful for such a possibility given to him by Pastor, although rumors shortly after went viral, prompting an illegal relationship between each incident Has happened.

MC Okpeke expressed complete disgust at the blogger’s antics, who shared information about the show, accusing the blogger of being “known by big names for blackmailing celebrities and raising unfounded rumors about them.”


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