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The Italian exam was the primary step required to make a switch to Juventus with a view to obtaining a passport next to it, a transfer that has been seen deserted.

The division of the prosecutor said in an announcement, “The investigation confirmed that the subjects mentioned in the exam had already been agreed with the candidate and that the grade had been awarded even before that.”

Natives prosecutor Rafael Canton, a former head of Italy’s nationwide anti-corruption authority, had been investigating a number of irregularities for foreign officials at the college since February. Suarez’s suspicion arose from an informal dialogue.

‘However, what do you believe, that we are going to fail him. At the moment I have a final recital with Suarez and I barely speak a phrase as a result of arranging it’, Italian, Stephania Spina, One of the many individuals focused on the investigation, claims to have been mostly based on or based on the prosecution cited by the Italian media.

When requested by a coworker at what stage Suarez should “walk” in Italian, Spina allegedly replied: ‘He doesn’t want to, he should, with wages of 10 million euros per season, you can.’ “T” fails him in his exam, even when he does not know how to combine actions and communicate within the baby. ‘

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo said a proposed deal for Suarez in the final week was unlikely to go ahead due to a delay in Uruguay’s bid to obtain an Italian passport.

The Italian champions cannot recruit Suarez in any other case, as they have already reached the quota for non-EU gamers.


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