Over the past eleven years, Russell Ledet attends lessons at Southern University and A&M College within the day, after which in the evening work as a security guard at Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Learning natural chemistry during his entire break.

Right now, Ledet is a medical student working for the hospital, and he believes that his story will encourage young individuals who consider turning into a physician. “I assumed that rich people go to college on a large scale,” Ledet told BBC News. After high school, the Louisiana natives joined the Navy “as a means”, and they “began to appreciate that the world was more than where I used to be.”

In 2009 he enrolled at Southern University and A&M College and choose a security guard job to be able to assist his day by day growing family. After shadowing a resident of the hospital’s main surgical procedure, he was motivated for his learning and received a Ph.D. in molecular oncology from New York College.

Ledet was accepted into Tulane University School of Medicine In 2018, and in the first 12 months, launched The 15 White Coat Group with his fellow colleagues mates. Their motto is “Resilience is in our DNA,” and so they want to help give the youth of shadow planning careers a foothold within the medical field.

“Coming from the place I come from, no one tells you that you are able to do issues on the earth, you may make an impression,” Ledet advised BBC News. “If no one tells you, you do not know. However, now that I do know, I can inform the children.”


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