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It is raining unique birthday items for Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji as he just marks his 40th birthday, which includes the 2020 Range Rover Autobiography, 85 pair designer sneakers, and 35 accessories.

Linda should not be completely excited to enter this new era, but in addition, said that there is nothing as candy as spending someone’s cash, no one will inform you how to Do it

The stuff was tipped to be incomplete by 40, however, as the award-successful media entrepreneur mentioned that they were indeed expensive, so she decided to stop at 35 as an option.

Ikeji talked about how he bought all the goods at the same time while waiting for his Range Rover which is on the way. Designers for her stunning accessories include Chanel, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, YSL, Gucci, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Dolcandagbana, Valentino, óscardelarenta, MIUMIU, Balmain, Shun Embryo, and Saks Fifth.

Okay, okay here we go once again..bol. Surrounded me by my birthday present. I was going to buy 40 new designer stuff turning 40 to have fun. After which I… and started shopping effectively, these items were expensive so I ended up at 35 to. (32 within a photo and three on da way). And sure enough, I bought them all at a similar garden time!
God expensive, forgive me!. Cash is for spending though, right? I know that I am one of many lucky people and I do not take my blessings without any thought. Happy birthday to me!

Oh dear, here we go again! And last but certainly not the least of my birthday present for myself is the 2020 Vary Rover Autobiography. Ordered and on da way! Can’t wait to satisfy my new baby. I love my life, I swear! Ted, I undoubtedly know that I am one of many lucky people and I take it with no thought.

One of the many good issues about being financially fair is that you can do whatever the cat you want, regardless! This is your cash, no one can stop you! However, do not be as careless as me, besides you can actually spend.
Remember ladies, a girl has nothing to do with her cash. God moves forward to bless the actions of your palms.
Happy birthday to me!


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