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The protest of #EndSARS is one of the most profitable demonstrations that Nigeria has ever seen, says Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, Nigeria’s information company Experience.

Nevertheless, he imagined more and more Nigeria as the place where fundamental human rights of individuals can be respected after the #EndSARS protest.

The minister, who spoke at a special NAN discussion board in Abuja on Monday, said that it would be imaginative and presentable, yet credible if the protesters would get an opportunity for peace, end the protest and the government implements its unprecedented reform Allow Security Structure of the Nation.

Mohammed, who described #EndSARS as “probably the most popular and profitable protest within the historical past of this country”, expressed regret that peacefully protests with real calls were hijacked by hoodlums And the people were done with an innocent motive to destabilize the country.

He said that after the #EndSARS protest, the federal government introduced a method of unprecedented reform of the police and your entire security building.

“With each problem, there is a possibility at all times, and the opportunity this protest has given us is to take a look at an additional overall strategy to improve the security inside us.

‘For the primary time within this nation’s historical past, a special police tactical unit is being shaped, which cannot be overseen by the police command, although a committee will be formed under the chairmanship of the governor of each state in which the youth And representatives from civil society organizations.

‘It may be the duty of the committee headed by the governor to act in the manner in which the special security unit relates to the general public and perform its duties’.

He said that complaints will be taken from the general public on the subject of human rights abuses. It has no meaning in the historical past of this nation.

Following the #EndSARS protest, Mohammed said, the federal government has unprecedentedly directed the convening of a judicial panel in every state to analyze and prosecute security officers involved in brutality and unnatural murders.

He said that this is additionally the primary time {that} officers are organizing the Victim Support Fund to compensate victims of police brutality and extrajudicial killings within 36 states and the federal capital region.

‘According to the new Police Act, officers recruited within the new tactical police unit can be psychologically and mentally examined to determine whether they are certain of the operation.

‘It could lead to a huge investigation on police misconduct and extrajudicial killing, which we have seen for a long time now,’ he said.

Mohammed said that while the federal government was within the technology to implement all the reforms, the #EndSARS group should end the protests that had already turned violent.

He reiterated that by allowing the federal government to implement the reforms, the #EndSARS group would write its name in gold as the champion of improving security inside Nigeria.


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