Image Credit: Daily Post Nigeria

Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp, has said that Arsenal defeated their group in the fourth round of the Carabao Cup on Thursday night, which resulted in the Gunners ‘very well shot’ towards the Reds throughout the penalty shootout.

Klopp additionally stated that the efficiency of Bernard Leno, the Arsenal goalkeeper, contributed to his defeat towards the aspect of Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal certified for the Carabao Cup Final Eight, following a 0–0 draw to a 5-4 penalty shootout over Liverpool at Anfield.

According to Liverpool’s official web, Klopp was quoted as saying, “If you don’t win it, you can’t win it, although it might actually be a draw, and I think the draw towards Arsenal is a lot. It’s difficult. ‘The site as after match.’

‘Then we misquoted the penalty shootout. We had great prospects within the game, so I think we’ve made quite good points on this football game and what would you like as a manager if you send the boys out.

‘With one part of the game, I used to be very happy, with the efficiency with which I used to be happy. Sure, we might just be a little extra diagnostic in the ending, however, Bernad Leno did a pretty good game, to be reliable, so he could just make some savings.’

‘And in the long run, penalty shootout – the oldest story in football, it’s luck and a lot of main things. Arsenal shot very well and is not very similar, and that’s why we’re lost.’


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