Drs. Vincent Okpala, Commissioner of Health, who told at the inauguration ceremony of trainees’ two-day COVID-19 An Infection Prevention and Management Training in Agulu, yesterday, revealed 25 viruses within the state in the Anaocha Native Authorities Council space.

Okpala said the staff of the contaminated wells included two health officers, eight nurses, two laboratory technicians, and he regretted that the soldiers who should have been victims of the virus.

No less than 181 individuals were anatomically confirmed for COVID-19 in Anambra.

He requests the general public to assist the health sector and stays safe keeping in mind all preventive measures against the worldwide pandemic.

He stated that “COVID-19 is level one, and I am delighted that NMA is putting it together with the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), the need to protect our health officials,”

The program was curated by the Anambra Chapter, Nigeria Medical Affiliation (NMA), which coached 25 members selected from regions all over the state.

Drs. Good Onyekwalelu, a Chairman of NMA in Anambra,  said that coaching will allow trainees to deeply know the fundamentals of COVID-19 disease, epidemiology, and transmission.

Until the Joint Health Sector Association (JOHESU) of the Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) has claimed that no less than 18 nurses have tested positive for the COVID-19 pandemic in the hospital.

The UIT said that there is a COVID-19 isolation center, but the administration has converted one of the many wards of the hospital into a center.

UIT Johesu President Olutunde Oluvumi advised journalists in the state capital Ilorin on the sidelines of collecting with members.

Comrade Oluvumi, one of the nurses working at the center, said that most of the nurses working at the center usually do not sit properly.

Currently, we have received around 18 nurses who performed the pandemic and 7 sub-staff constructively. We wish for high safety, adequate personal safety gear (PPE). The reason we are there should be given to us. We are missing out on a lot of issues. They are putting our lives in danger. It is now that they are trying to overcome the difficulty of PPE. PPE is not provided. They are just promising us.


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