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According to the history of the entertainment industry, it is not easy to make a child artist as big as an ordinary minor. And with fame, each young man is unlikely to open up about how it would affect his life, but Willow Smith and Jaden Smith are very overt and outspoken by the case.

Meanwhile, the two younger stars have mentioned that their wealth and fame have had an adverse effect on their social life. And in Willow Smith’s case, success took him on a difficult path.

According to Jaden Smith, as a star kid in addition to being surpassed by Hollywood’s elite such as famous mothers and fathers, it means that you don’t have enough time to spend time with your child every day, like other children. And even now, in consequence. , Yet it will be controlled in another way.

He advised being amazed during a conversation with Skate Kitchen “A person like me is not a normal human being with me, you just start imagining [this], like, ‘Am I not a traditional human?” ”

Also, he said, when I was younger, I didn’t get to hang out with regular people all the time. So it is a pleasure to grow up and hang out with older children and play with regular people.

‘Whenever I go to the skatepark, individuals are like  oh shit, is that Jaden Smith?’ In the subject of the first 5 minutes. After that, it’s totally brilliant and I’m a second skater.’ Am, ”he defined.

While it is clear that his life was influenced by the individuals around him, it seems that wealth 2 was a significant social barrier for the young stars.

Willow Smith while speaking on Red Table Talk said that I really hated Disneyland because I had terrible expertise and everyone expected me to pay for them, ”

Jaden Smith further expresses the sensation that there are efficient conditions that impact his skilled social life.

‘It is like, what do I and my housemates and we do when we’re chilling for dinner … Do I ask for a test? Do I pay for everything?” Smith recognized Of.


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