The General Director of Ghanaian service, Patrick Kumah-Aboagye, found that more than 2,065 health workers have been tested Coronavirus positive since the pandemic knock the door.

The very good recovery rate

According to the report, 1,870 COVID patients have been completely recovered out of 2,065 medical staff but rest 183 patient is still taking treatment from health officials in isolation centre or are into their home. Only 6workers were not winning the race and succumbed in front of Coronavirus.

The recovery rate in Africa is one of the highest across the continent. Mostly comparison to those countries whose caseloads crossed the 10,000 marks.

Kumah-Aboagye said that these days the number of infections amongst medical workers had considerably decreased as provides of medical kits and worker’s training had improved quite a bit.

Noticeable improvement

Talking of April months, there are so may concern related to the lack of resources and safety equipment as well as the bad distribution of paramedics. But in comparison to earlier the health sector has really improved a lot according to the good amount of health equipment and sufficient health workers for patients. However, the government has been continuously motivating health workers by providing tax breaks and some financial incentives for doctors and nurses in the line of duty.

A few weeks ago, Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo said, would receive an additional 50 per cent allowance add on to their basic salary for the upcoming next three months.

The back and forth surroundings to again open of secondary schools and ongoing voters registration exercise continues. Despite the school staff tested COVID positive, the government making a try, the final year students are ready to write the west African Examination Council, WAEC, papers.

The EC Electrical commission stated in an announcement, over the weekend stress its dedication to imposing virus protocols throughout the country because it registers voters for a new voter roll forward of December 2020 polls.

“Safety of candidates is foremost in the registration process and the Commission will go any length to observe the measure outline by the Ghana Health Service.

Ghana, who covers all the news related to showing one of the best COVID testing rates in Africa on a daily basis, has witnessed more than 26,000 Coronavirus confirmed cases, of which 139 have died.


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