If you write in Google that how to hack WhatsApp, then you get more than 2.5 million results in less than 0.4 seconds. Whatsapp has the current of being essentially one of the most used messaging software and a very popular app in the world as 1/4 of the people in the entire world use it every month. However, greater than 2 billion active users bear the curse of being one of the cybercriminals’ favorite app, which, due to it being viral, hit heavily on WhatsApp.

In mid-February, when this coronavirus was something that affected China as a whole, Navara’s civil guard warned of launching a scam running through WhatsApp after receiving numerous complaints. , Which was shared the same place to begin. A phishing marketing campaign (identity theft) that starts with first receiving an SMS message with a code you didn’t request, and then you definitely get this message in your WhatsApp:

“Hello, I’m sorry, I despatched you a 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, are you able to come to me, please? It’s urgent”

The message is delivered by WhatsApp to the contact you have received in your agenda, an acquaintance with whom you communicate through the application, later, you have no motive to suspect. The main point is that if you ship that code number, the person on the opposite side of the conversation can steal your WhatsApp account easily and take your number, your all mobile contacts, and important chat.

The factor works like this:

A cybercrime app steals your contact’s WhatsApp account, trying to access their contact records. Now determine to go for them, you included / a. To attain this, the person install a Whatsapp on their device he owns and putting your phone number to it with the application

Now, Whatsapp system sends a number on which hackers wants to register the exact verification code he wants for safety causes, to confirm that it’s the right person and to complete the set up of the app. The hacker is aware that you have received only one SMS with your 6-digit code, and have used the number he has taken from one of each of your contacts, he tells you to please run it ask for.

If you happen to do, the cybercriminal will be capable of full the registration of your WhatsApp account on your device, and at other times it will remove your entry to gain access to your contacts and teams. If this message reaches you, remove it immediately and notify your contact to inform you what is in his account – though by calling him on his cell, although not in another quantity. You can also like this twitter account and troll hackers


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