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The former Nigerian military president, General Ibrahim Babangida (retd), IBB, has said that it is unwise to call the military an issue of the nation, as civilians are working those establishments.

The IBB, which was at the helm of the affairs of the nation from 1986 to 1993, said that ministries, parastatals, and establishments have been run by civilians, so if there are any points, it may be wrong to say that the army created them.

On Friday evening, Babangida said this in an interview with Channel TV, He said: ‘You have gone to tell us how the civil service operates, how the system works; Establishment of governance. All these are civilians’ prerogative.

‘We do not create problems. We created the framework for later administration: infrastructure, democracy, and a free-market economy.” We are able to occupy the world and bring our nation along.’ Still, Noted, only a foolish soldier would seize energy at the present time, as is currently happening in Mali.

According to him, the world has to be transformed into a small and embraced democracy, so I said that the ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN command you are taking will result in foolish powers after your sanctions. ‘

Babangida said that such disruptions would not allow army officers to work. It has been requested that why the army rule in Nigeria appears to have created the very best and sustainable infrastructure within the nation, The IBB said: ‘A civil authority has a lot of stages and politics to deal with. “However, an Army officer sees a need, similar to a highway that must be built and just does it,’ IBB said.


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