Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have mapped a large halo of fuel around the Andromeda galaxy – the largest galaxy closest to our Milky Way.

The map – perhaps the most detailed of its type – shows that the halo of plasma (electrically charged fuel) around this spiral galaxy extends about 1.3 million light-years in the direction of the Milky Approach (about half of space), and as 2 million light-years in some directions.

The halo is invisible, however, researchers stated that if it might be possibly be seen, it would be about 3 times the width of the plow, making it the largest act in the evening sky.

Samantha Berek, a member of the workforce at Yale University in Connecticut, USA, noted, “It is extremely important to understand the large expanses of fuel surrounding galaxies.”

“In addition to the outflow of supernova-equivalent occasions in this stock of fuel, the entire galaxy has a system of gasoline for future formation. It is full of clues concerning the past and future evolution of the galaxy, and we are finally able to study it in a good element in its nearest galactic neighbor. ”

The workforce found that Andromeda’s corona has two different layers. The inner-outer shell ‘has an additional advanced construction compared to the outer shell, possibly reflecting the result of a supernova within the galaxy’s disk. These violent explosions – caused by the death of large stars – also eject heavy components in the house, which were found in excessive amounts within the halo.

Halos were mapped by detecting ultraviolet benign from 43 distant quasars – extremely bright galactic cores that are driven by black holes – located behind the halo.

Researchers used Hubble’s mic Cosmic Origins Spectrograph ‘to analyze how this background was absorbed by halo fuels in many areas, revealing variations within the fuel’s construction.

Andromeda is thought to be related to the dimensions and form of our Milky Way, so these findings additionally present insights into our individual galactic aura, which is much more difficult than the maps contained in the galaxy.


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