The grouping of cells, especially in compartments, is essential for its performance. For example, by separating the nucleus from the cytoplasm, the nuclear envelope safe untimely translation of immature RNAs.

During mitosis, the nuclear envelope disassembles, allowing large cytoplasmic parts belonging to the ribosome to coalesce with nuclear material. When the nuclear envelope regains the following mitosis, these cytoplasmic parts should be abolished as soon as possible.

Mina Petrovich from the Gerlich Lab at the IMBA-Institute of Molecular says, “The nuclear envelope can contribute as much as a fixed measurement by actively importing or exporting the substrate, although it was not clear. Biotechnology – and Joint first author of the research.

In Heidelberg the research group of the IMBA and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory have now proved that the vast majority of ribosomes are actually farther away from the nucleus than the envelope of the atom, once again assembled. This exclusion course required the protein Ki-67, which was the main goal of an earlier publication in Nature by Sarah Heulen-Herring, the group head of EMBL Heidelberg and the opposite author of this research.

In this earlier research, it was found that Ki-67 was attractive for maintaining chromosomes that were isolated in the early stages of mitosis by performing it as a surfactant. Cullen-Häring mentions, “Remarkably, we now come to know that it adjusts its properties at the end of the chromosome and performs alternative clusters, typical clustering of chromosomes.”

Coming collectively right into a dense cluster at the end of cell division, chromosomes are able to exclude large cytoplasmic parts before nuclear envelope reforms.

Alberto Hernandez Armendariz, Ph.D. pupil within the Cullen-Häring group brief that, “This collaborative work shows how a single protein can dynamically alter the floor properties of chromosomes,”

And, “Finally, it facilitates efficient compartmentalization of critical processes throughout the cell.”


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